9 nifty ways to make extra cash – modernmississauga.com

The popular term the cool kids use is “side hustle.”
Seeing as I’m neither cool or popular, I’m going with “9 ways to make extra cash.”
Whether you’re looking to boost your savings account, reduce debt, save for something special, like a vacation or a new item, or boost your Christmas spending money, here are nine ways to accelerate that.
What you’ll see below vary in time spent and earning potential. Most can all be done from home via an internet connection, with a a few requiring you to leave the house.

Take online surveys
An oldie but a goodie, taking paid online surveys to share your opinions is one of the easier ones to engage in. It’s not a lot of money but some beats none, right? Right.

Dog walking
If you’re good with dogs, walking and being outdoors, even in winter, being a dog walker is a step in the right direction for making extra cash. Whether dog owners are out of town for a few days or have hectic schedules, boost your step count and get paid.

Market Research/Focus group
Similar to an online survey, these are more focused on a specific product that you’ll either get to sample or learn about.  There are a variety of products that companies want to get information on from consumers before it goes to market, so take advantage of it.

Sell your photography
Adobe and Shutterstock are the big players here, so if you’ve got some cool pictures that you don’t mind sharing with the world, this is a good way to do it.
There are some restrictions on their side as to what is and isn’t allowed, so review those first.
If multiple people buy your photograph, that means more cash for you.

Audiobook narration
You may be the next Morgan Freeman but don’t know it yet!
There’s an increased demand for audiobook narration and if you’re ok with an initial investment of soundproofing a room in your home, the payoff could be worth it.

If you’ve got an eye for detail, proofreading could be a fit for you. Payment, like all things on this list, will start off lower but the more you do it, the higher it can become with experience.
If you’re confident in your abilities, give this a whirl.

If you’ve got experience, expertise and passion for a certain subject/topic (music, for example) you could become an online tutor and share your knowledge.
Even if you’ve got a specialized passion for, let’s say, morse code, there might be someone out there who wants to learn it.

This is a broad topic as you could approach businesses offering your services or sign up for websites such as Fiverr to enter the freelance world.
There’s so much potential with this and in most cases, you pick the time investment and commitment level (simple projects vs complex projects.)
Plus, you can utilize more than one talent you have. Whether it’s graphic design, writing, video editing, or something else, everyone wants something, so offer what you’ve got.

Virtual Assistant
If you’re efficient, detail oriented and organized, there’s a massive market for Virtual Assistants.
Duties can include writing/editing content, scheduling, bookkeeping, social media management, and admin work. This one will likely require a bit more time investment opposed to a few hours a week.
At the least, dig in to it and see if it’s right for your needs and time.