How to Translate Your Design Certificates and Degrees? –

Making a career in design often starts at an early age as you first become interested in sketching or drawing. Then, as you grow older, you go through school, university, or courses to get all the skills you need to get into this occupation. 

Many young designers want to work abroad, so they are faced with the issue of translating their diplomas, certificates, and other documents in order to confirm their qualifications internationally. Today we will discuss how one should go about translating their degrees.

Do You Need a Degree in Design?

The immediate post-education stage is particularly challenging for such occupations as design, mainly because such workers are often needed on a gig basis. This means that employers often search for freelancers that can complete only one project for them. So, to gain experience and broaden your portfolio, you really need to discipline yourself and work a lot on both your hard and soft skills. This often seems like an extremely hard task to complete for beginners, and largely discourages them. Yet, things are far from being hard and there is an important shortcut some might overlook.

Although freelancing largely emphasizes the actual skills of experts, certificates and diplomas serve as a huge plus to the portfolio, showcasing those skills. In fact, they become the only source of confirmation in cases when employers don’t find the portfolio convincing enough. On top of that, in case you want to work as a designer for a big company, showing your certificate or diploma may even be a must. 

Steps of Design Certificates and Degrees Translation

If you want to work for a company in a different country and even live there, you’ll likely need to get your vital educational documents translated. That might sound a bit confusing and challenging, yet in reality, it’s quite an easy task to complete and can be done by following these four steps.

  • Retrieve your documents from your school. Whether you’ve got your diploma at the university, or you have completed a special course in design, the document confirming that you have your education completed can only be retrieved from that organization. In most cases, there is a special department that issues such documents. Universities often do that for free, and private organizations might even issue a valid digital copy. The document, however, will likely have to be translated to be valid in another country or for an employer who speaks a different language.

  • Address a good language service provider. Translating documents is not a big deal nowadays, yet it’s still important to choose a great translation company. The thing about translating documents is that they are essential for your career, so there’s no way you can mess up the translation when it comes to international employment. Consider taking a look through the business translation services before you pick the one that will be working on your certification document. Remember that price doesn’t always correspond to the quality you’ll get in the end, so choose the translation agency carefully and according to your needs.

  • Double-check the translated documents. Even if you pick the best language service providers on the market, you should still double-check the result they provide. Sometimes, mistakes are made not because the translator is incompetent or inattentive. Clients can miss something too. So, make sure you’re as attentive as possible as you give the instructions, and after you get your task back.

  • Legalize the translation. This might not be obligatory in all cases, yet some countries require for the translated document to be validated by a legal professional such as a notary or lawyer. This is to ensure that the translation has been performed correctly in terms of another country’s regulation and can be accepted as a legal document that is as powerful as the original one. Just as with the translation, the legalization of the translated document can only be performed by a professional. So, make sure to pick one wisely as well in order for the final result to be as neat as possible.

Making Steps Toward Your International Career


Translating a design diploma or certificate may seem hard on the surface, yet it mostly requires your patience and attention. There are only a few steps to make your formal education work for you, so you won’t miss anything essential, for sure. Yet, you must be very particular about your requirements when it comes to document translation. Make sure to provide all the necessary details to the language specialist in order to get your document translated quickly enough and not to pay for any additional revisions. This is the kind of attentiveness you need in this regard, and it can start the career of your life.

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