Bill Murray brings along some friends to translate Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show chit-chat – The A.V. Club

Bill Murray brings along some friends to translate Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show chit-chat

Murray, pressed for an explanation of his two companions’ presence, deadpanned that he’s just trying to help out with Kimmel’s international appeal, and only nodded along patiently as Kimmel explained that, since only Kimmel’s questions are being double-translated, it’s not that much of a help. Never dropping the bit, Murray only nudged his straight-faced interpreters from time to time to keep things rolling, leaving Kimmel thoroughly and gratifyingly flummoxed throughout. As to whether noted Francophone Murray also actually speaks Arabic, well, the internet doesn’t say. He did spend time filming the indifferently received 2015 comedy Rock The Kasbah in Afghanistan, but that same internet search reveals that only about one percent of the people there speak Arabic (main languages Dari and Pashto), so it remains one of those Bill Murray-related goofs that may never be answered.

Murray (again, with pauses for translation) did sort-of clear up a few of Kimmel’s other questions. Yes, he’s probably in the new Ant-Man movie, although, despite having seemingly spilled the beans in a German magazine interview last week, Murray claimed, “Well, I’m not supposed to say.” (He did admit that that’s his Chicago accent proclaiming “Flame on!,” in a 1975 Fantastic Four radio drama, though.) He also confirmed that he and auteur pal Wes Anderson have just completed filming the director’s French Dispatch follow-up film (whose top secret title, Asteroid City, Murray also casually spoiled in a separate interview), bringing the pair’s collaboration number up to ten films. Murray did confess (or joke) that he’s never seen Bottle Rocket, the one Anderson film he’s not in. And, in closing, Murray also confirmed the thought-apocryphal story about busting in on a David Letterman doctor visit. “Well, I have no idea why this is still funny, but it is,” concluded Kimmel, with the stone-faced Murray, referring to his equally in-on-the-gag companions, responding, “Yeah, they don’t either.”