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The world has become a small place. Large corporations have gone global with offices all over the world. Small e-commerce companies have decided to expand to foreign markets; students move around the globe to study; researchers and medical professionals all over the planet are collaborating to improve the lives of everyone.

Add to this the fact that individuals are moving across borders to establish residency and to work in foreign countries. This means that sub-populations who speak a different language now reside in countries all over the planet.

The Need for Translation Services

As globalization continues to revolutionize our world, the need for translation services has also increased exponentially. Businesses and individuals both have a growing need for translators, and there is a resultant growth in online translation services, all competing with one another.

Like in any industry, translation services vary in quality from excellent to poor. So, how do you know which one will be the best for what you need? Fortunately, there are sites that perform and publish translation reviews and you should take advantage of them. You will get detailed summaries and quality ratings that will help you make the best decision.

What a Good Translation Service Review Will Include

As you look at translation service review sites, study what they include in their reviews. A good review company will have all the following about each service it reviews:

  • It will list all the translation services a company offers
  • It will provide information about the translators the service uses – their backgrounds and specialties
  • It will speak to the service’s use of machine vs. human translations
  • It will provide a summary of client feedback and reviews
  • It will provide a review of the professional certified translation services that each company offers. Certified translations are required for certain documents, and many clients will need them

In the end, a good translation service review company will provide an overall rating and a recommendation.

What Translation Review Services Want to See When They Evaluate a Translation Service

Let’s unpack the criteria that a good review service covers and what the evaluators want to see regarding each one:

  • They want to see a company that offers a wide variety of translation services, for personal, business, professional, research, legal, etc. needs
  • They want to see a company that employs natives of target languages who also have specialty expertise in specific translation need areas
  • They want to see a company that relies on qualified and expert human translators, using machines only for such things as storage and retrieval of terms, etc.
  • They want to see a company that provides a second expert review and edit of key translations, to ensure accuracy
  • It wants to see client feedback and reviews published in places other than the company website
  • It wants to see certified translators when there is the need – translators who have certifications through recognized translation associations

These are the things that establish translation services as professional and able to produce top quality work for each of their clients.

Study the Reviews!

Whatever your need for translation services, you need to find the one online service that can offer you what you need right now and what you may need in the future. For example, you may be a grad student who has produced a thesis or dissertation that may impact student research in other countries, and you want to publish that paper in a few languages. You will want to read through translation service reviews and find native-speaking experts with academic backgrounds in your field of research and study.

The Wrap…

In sum, you want a comprehensive agency that will provide a good variety of services, that can meet your deadlines, that has native-speaking expert human translators, and that has the appropriate certifications. When you read reviews from a top-quality review site, you will have the information you need to make the right decision.

Author Bio: Barbara Fielder is a researcher and writer on all things related to globalization. She contributes to many blogs and forums on topics from the increasing diversity of sub-populations in countries, immigration, and personal and business needs for language proficiency. When not writing, Fielder is an avid proponent and supporter of all things related to environmental concerns.

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