Google Translate’s Upcoming ‘Material You’ Redesign Detailed in New Leak – Android Headlines

Google Translate is getting the much-awaited Material You redesign with version 6.23. The update is now rolling out through the Play Store, though the changes aren’t officially live. Some digging by 9to5Google has revealed what’s in store with Translate.

The redesign will be in line with the Material You design philosophy. Expectedly, there are a handful of changes here. One of the most important additions is easier access to the app’s key functions.

As phones have grown larger and taller, the old drawer on the top was fairly difficult to access with the thumb. Keeping this in mind, the top-heavy buttons have been positioned near the bottom of the screen.


Despite a handful of changes, some portions of the Translate app are still unfinished

What this also means is that the three general options for translation such as Camera, Conversation, and Transcribe will be found at the bottom of the screen for better accessibility. Moreover, the microphone button is now enlarged for the transcription feature.

The Translate app also adapts to dynamic theming (Monet) based on the phone’s wallpaper. This is one of the highlights of Android 12 and Material You with most Google apps already reflecting these changes.

It’s worth pointing out that the redesign is unfinished at this stage with some portions of the app such as the phrasebook, still untouched. Meanwhile, some parts of the app are completely missing, including the user’s translation history. It’s clear that there’s still some work to be done before Google can make this release official.

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Google Translate on Android hasn’t received the same attention as other Google apps in terms of design upgrades. The app has continued to use older Material Design elements even though Google had a newer Material Theme update for its apps. Although the web version of Translate got the Material Theme upgrade in 2018, the Android version was oddly left out.

We reported last month about a big update coming to Google Translate soon. However, it was believed that the upgraded Translate app would come to the Pixel 6 first. This was based on a line from the app’s code “app_name_p21”. The P refers to the Pixel in this instance, while 21 indicates the year 2021.