Elesay well set to fill speech writing, coaching gap – Stabroek News

There is no doubt that Guyana is in need of talented speech writers and a new business, founded by Attorney-at-law Shakisa Harvey, has stepped into the breach.

Launched on July 31, Elesay Speech Writers provides an array of services, including professional speechwriting, copywriting, editing, proofreading and speech delivery coaching. Elesay is a sound out of the initials of Harvey’s 20-month-old daughter’s name, Lily Siela Adams (L S A).

Her love for writing began as a girl and while attending the Bishops’ High School, Harvey filled a book with poems. She has also started writing a novel, which she hopes to someday finish and have published. Her love for English Language and Literature was encouraged by her high school teacher, Ms Fung, and fuelled by her mother, who always encouraged her to read. Later, law lecturer Justice Duke Pollard became another influencer, as he instructed her and other colleagues to read and expand their vocabulary.