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Nicholas Natalie believes that if we can help motivate teachers in tough times, then they can motivate more students.

This way, they are in better spirits, have more energy and more desire to help as many students as they can.”

— Nicholas Natalie

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 15, 2021 / — Nicholas Natalie is a passionate businessman and entrepreneur with a passion for reading and education. He discovered his love for business when he was in school and spent his free time creating and sharing ideas with anyone who expressed interest. Shortly after, he launched his first business, where he sold pet products online and learned bookkeeping, inventory, procurement, and customer service. He still holds on to the memory of his first sale- a blanket he sold for $14 and the thrill he got from the sale. One of his significant accomplishments is establishing his own translation services company, which earned him much success. He is the brains behind several digital agencies offering web-based services such as Summit Rank, eCommerce Translations, and Publishing Translations. The companies have since grown to serve clients from different corners of the globe with an impressive portfolio ranging from individuals, startups, and corporate giants. Some of the services they offer include website design, text translation, website translation, Technical Document Translation, Software Localization, Foreign Subtitling, and Mobile App Localization. He attributes his successes to a willingness to learn new skills by interacting with others more experienced than him and motivation and positive influence from his mentor, friend, and business partner, who is ten years his senior. One of the ways that he stays productive and in good mental and physical health is by taking breaks when he needs to and working regular hours.

Nicholas Natalie is also a philanthropist and regularly donates to causes he is passionate about. The most important to him is trying to solve the “drop out factories”.

“Drop out factories” are where there is a very high percentage of high school students dropping out before graduation. It’s terrible for the economy, terrible for them, terrible for their futures. No one wins. It’s a cycle in low income areas throughout the country, typically in or near cities, where the students’ parents are disenfranchised for the education system, and children follow their parents footsteps in life. So they see the parents without a strong education so they put don’t put much emphasis on it either. And then their children follow their footsteps, and so on. Its a hard cycle to break, but it has to be broken with the teachers. But sadly these teachers are overburdened and severely underpaid. So the best way to fix that? Motivate the teachers again. My goal is to help as many teachers who are in financial trouble, usually with unforeseen medical expenses. This way, they are in better spirits, have more energy and more desire to help as many students as they can.” says Nicholas Natalie to me in an email.

Personally, I think he is onto something. It’s a trickle up effect of happiness. If we help the teachers who help the students, then everyone wins.

As someone who likes reading and believes that education is a basic need, one of his favorite charitable foundations is the Book Aid International which builds libraries and donates books to libraries, schools, universities, refugee camps, hospitals, benefits and prisons worldwide. He also loves to spend time with friends and family. Check them out, and donate too.

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