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Are you looking forward to expanding your business across borders? One of the biggest challenges that people face in expanding the business is the communication barrier. Although English is a global business language now, time has changed. If you just consider the English language for your business growth then you will lose a major chunk of the market. Here comes the importance of languages in the business world.

Each country speaks a different language. Therefore, to tap into any of the foreign countries, you have to communicate with them in their native language. For instance, if you want to penetrate in German market then you have to go for German translation services. It is estimated that 72% of potential customers opt to buy products and services from a website that is in their native language. So, do you want to translate your website into multiple languages? Let’s find out which are the 5 languages that can boost your business.


China is a country that has witnessed exponential growth in the last few decades. It is the world’s second-largest economy after the USA. Therefore, there are ample business opportunities there. China is a large lucrative market so to penetrate the Chinese market, you have to go for mandarin translation services. According to linguist experts, Mandarin is the future language of business. 14.4% of the world’s population speaks the Mandarin language. Therefore, it is the most spoken language in the world. If 14.4% of the consumer base can access your products and services then you have to translate your website into the Chinese language.


Spanish is the official language of Paraguay, Ecuador, Mexico, the United States, and many other countries. After English, Spanish is the most popular language in Europe. Moreover, it is the most spoken language in the world. Around 414 million Spanish speakers are residing in Europe and America. To your surprise, 37.6 million people that are residing in the US speak this language. The large Spanish-speaking community called the Hispanic community resides in the USA. Therefore, if you want to target the US market then you have to communicate with Hispanic people in the Spanish language. Spanish translation services will help to spread your business message in no time.


Another important language for business is Russian. Russia is a country with enormous size, natural resources, and an emerging economy. It is also the largest oil producer. Therefore, it plays an important role in the global business world. Thus, the Russian language is an important language for international trade. It is native to 250 million people and ranked as the 8th most common language spoken in the world. Translating your business website will give you leverage by reaching a whopping 250 million people. So, are you ready to translate your business website into the Russian language?


Around 295 million people around the world speak the Arabic language. It is the official language of 27 countries. People of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates also speak this language widely. Arabic is considered one of the important languages for business because it paves your way to enter Arab countries. Arabic markets are flourishing with their oil reserves so Arabic translation plays a significant role in the development of your business. If you translate your website into the Arabic language then you can get a comparative advantage in global markets. Six Arabic countries are a part of the UK, the top 50 export markets in goods, and their worth is more than that of Spain, Italy, and China. Therefore, as a report from the British Council, Arabic is the language for the future.


The Portuguese language is native to 209 million people and it is widely spoken in Brazil. The importance of the Portuguese language can well be understood by the fact that it is the 6th most spoken language of the world and the powerful economy of Brazil comes at 9th number. Moreover, Portuguese is also spoken in Latin America and African nations. Moreover, demand for this language is also increasing in the USA. At present Portuguese is recognized as one of the important languages of business and international trade.


If you want to tap into the German and Chinese markets, opt for German translation services and Chinese translation services respectively. Translation in customers’ native language will help them to understand your products and services well and they are prone to buy products and services that are in their native language. For this purpose, do hire a professional translation company. The impeccable best translation services will help to flourish your business.