Gefitinib combined with cetuximab for the treatment of lung adenocarcinoma harboring the EGFR‐IGR (SEC61G) fusion and EGFR amplification – The Oncologist

EGFR fusions are rare genomic events in NSCLC, and a total of nine types have been previously reported in lung adenocarcinoma: EGFR-RAD51, EGFR-PURB, EGFR-ANXA2, EGFR-ZNF713, EGFR-YAP1, USP42-EGFR, EGFR-SEPTIN14, EGFR-TNS3 and EGFR-ZCCHC6. EGFR fusion mutations combined with EGFR amplification are even rarer in NSCLC. The EGFR-IGR fusion mutation is unreported, and thus, there are no studies targeting this fusion together with EGFR amplification in lung adenocarcinoma. Our brief study provides clinical evidence that combined targeted therapy with gefitinib and cetuximab could result in a significant antitumor response in patients with the EGFR-IGR fusion and EGFR amplification.