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Google Translate will soon get a much-needed Material You makeover

Google Translate is one of the most useful apps when traveling to a destination where you don’t know the native language, but its current design is starting to show its age. Its current look is from 2018, so it’s long overdue for a makeover. Thankfully that might happen when the Pixel 6 is launched later this year.

The folks at XDA Developers performed an APK teardown on Translate 6.21 and found a new activity that triggers a brand new Material You interface for the app. You can see screenshots below:

Left: Old UI.  Center, Right: New Material You UI.

Android 12 has focused on one-handed usability, and that’s at the heart of this redesign. All of the important buttons have been dragged to the bottom so that they can be reached without any awkward phone gymnastics, which will be most welcome on the exceedingly large Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro that Google just teased. The old hamburger menu has been removed, with the associated options moved to a More button in the bottom right. I expect that this will make full use of Android 12’s nifty color theming.

Even more interesting is the possibility that this redesign could be exclusive to Pixels, at least to begin with. The activity points to a string called “app_name_p21,” where p21 could refer to Pixel 2021. If this is the case, we’ll likely see it filter down to older Pixels running Android 12 as well, but phones from other OEMs might be stuck with the old design.

The updated UI is expected to launch alongside the Pixel 6 sometime in October. Details about exclusivity should be made clear at this time.