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Lingoport Expands its Suite of Software Localization Tools

Software teams can now integrate localization and internationalization into their development faster and easier than ever before with immediate localization returns at the speed of agile development.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Boulder, Colorado Jul 30, 2021 ( –  Lingoport has expanded its suite of localization tools, helping software teams and enterprises reach worldwide customers with internationalized and localized software.

“This release is a big step in the continued advancement of the software localization industry,” says CEO Adma Asnes.

What’s new:

The latest release of the innovative Lingoport Suite, named Honduras, includes:

lobalyzer 6.5 – Adds i18n support for Python

Localyzer 7.1 – Added machine translation connection to Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and customer versions of your trained MT engines.

LocalyerQA 1.1 – Mapping of the locale to non-ISO formats (e.g. FRA for France), this accommodates when developers may get creative with formats.

See for an overview of the full product suite, as well as specific product pages.

Release notes:

See the links below for release notes and more feature details:

Globalyzer 6.4

LRM 6.0

Learn more:


About Lingoport:

Lingoport is a leader in internationalization and localization software development, helping companies internationalize and localize their software using an innovative suite of products and expert i18n services. 

Specializing in solving the development challenges of internationalization, localization, and testing while all keeping up with the fast pace of agile development. 

Since its inception in 2001, Lingoport has continued to deliver localization and internationalization solutions that help developers focus on new features while making globalization super fast, easy, and baked into their work. 

With each new release, the Lingoport Suite offers a big step in helping localization teams match software development, rather than trailing as an add-on process. The near-instantaneous return of language translations makes localization highly visible and responsive. 


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