Startpage launches its privacy-centric Google Translate alternative, Private Language Translator – BetaNews

Startpage translation

As a search engine for people looking to avoid Google — or for anyone with privacy concerns in general — Startpage has earned itself a strong following and a solid reputation. Building on the popularity of its private search tool, the company is continuing the expansion of its privacy-focused services.

Having already launched Private Shopping, Private Currency Converter and Private Stocks this year, Startpage has now added Private Language Translator to its rostrum.

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Private Language Translator serves as a direct competitor to Google Translate, making it easy to translate between over one hundred languages. Whether you’re looking to translate a single word, or an entire sentence, the translation tool can automatically detect 109 languages, but it is also possible to manually select one if you prefer.

With Private Language Translator, Startpage continues with the philosophy that underpins all of its products. Startpage translates text without gathering any PII (Personally Identifiable Information), and no record of activity is stored.

Startpage Private Language Translator

Company founder and CEO Robert E.G. Beens says:

Consumers shouldn’t worry about having their data collected or fear that their privacy is being compromised every time they do a search. With Startpage, we put consumer privacy at the forefront of everything that we do, while also delivering world-class search.

You can access Private Language Translator by heading to and searching for “translate”. The translation tool is accessible within the search results and while it is possible to translate up to 500 characters of text at a time, there is — currently — no page translation option like that offered by Google.