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Grammar and punctuation checkers help writers bring more perfection to their write-ups. However, there are uncountable tools available that claim to be best. To get the most expected results, you should pick the instruments that work best and have got positive responses from the users. In this article, we have hand-picked 10 of the best free grammar and punctuation checker tools in 2021 including prices for their paid versions. The USD to BDT conversion rate here is $1= BDT 84.84.

Top 10 Best Free Online Grammar, Punctuation Checker Tools, Software


It’s an easy-to-use spelling and grammar checker. Grammarly has both online and software versions to give people more access. A near-perfect algorithm of this tool will critically assess your text. It will go through all the grammatical and conventional writing errors like punctuations, spelling, tense, clarity, and even word choices. Upon its assessment, it will then suggest possible correction suggestions.

Grammarly is currently the most rated writing checker tool. The Premium version of Grammarly costs $29.95 (2541 TK) monthly. It also has quarterly and annual paid plans. The premium version will give a more detailed assessment and let people check plagiarism. Grammarly has nothing much to complain about except some issues like the understanding of dangling modifiers. Plagiarism assessment could be more robust.

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Reverso helps users achieve a great level of writing efficiency by correcting critical errors. It has implemented a great design to give users more opportunities to sharpen their spelling skills. One general warning with Reverso is it focuses on giving more room for the writers to be concerned with their writings. That’s why the app gives limited suggestions. So, it will be best to check your writing manually afterward.

Reverso is mainly a translation tool. That’s why people using other languages like Spanish, German, Italian, etc can also check their grammar and spelling. It is a lifetime free app with ads. The premium version will charge $10.99 (932 TK) monthly. It also has an annual plan.

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One of the best automated punctuation, grammar, and spell checker tools. It can be used in all the ways you can think of. It has an online page, browser extension, and even software so that users can have an optimal experience. Once installed, it will check while you are writing something in the software or in the browser.

It is more than a typical spelling, grammar detecting tool. It has an integrated dictionary, rephrasing aid, and text reader. It runs on any platform. Its premium version starts at $20.97 (1779 TK) per month.

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WhiteSmoke is a review-based online editing checker. It automatically gives revision suggestions that you may accept or reject according to your judgment. This software combines AI technology and language processing techniques to give excellent linguistic help to both novice and experienced authors.

It offers a straightforward, clutter-free interface that makes it simple to correct grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic errors. Various templates for letters and documents have been integrated, just like a word processor, to assist you in preparing your content in preformatted templates.

Premium plans begin at $9.95 (844 TK) per month for PC and $2.50 (212 TK) per month for the phone.

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It is also a widely used grammar and punctuation checker tool. It is vastly popular mainly for its capacity to detect more errors than other similar systems. For English writing checking, for example, it employs a proofreading engine with over 1,700 patterns for mistake identification.

It is also capable of detecting textual mistakes that even native speakers make. It has a customized dictionary feature for unique word exclusions according to your writing preferences.

Its free edition allows users to check up to 2,500 characters every time. The paid plans begin at $19.00 (1612 TK) per month.

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If you are looking for a quick grammar checker, PaperRater would be the best option. After you send your content, this tool can provide editing results in a matter of seconds. It digs deep into your phrase structure and grammar using data science and AI technology to give you real-time text analysis.

It is a cloud-based grammar checker and does not need users to join up or download anything. Its premium rate begins at $11.21 (950 TK) per month.

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Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is more of a writing style checker. It will assist you in writing articulately and legibly. Its primary goal is to increase the general readability of your work. As you write, the app highlights the sentences with various colors based on the type of stylistic mistakes.

Problematic phrases, for example, are marked in red, whereas wordy sentences are highlighted in yellow, and so on. Other literary characteristics that might be improved are dry, complex words, passive voice, and superfluous adverbs are also marketed. Its paid app costs $19.99 per month.

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Pro Writing Aid

This Pro Writing Tool assists you in improving your writing more quickly by providing automated style enhancement ideas based on hundreds of style-related entries. It has the ability to create as many as 25 reports on writing problems such as complicated sentence structures, adverb overuse, passive voice, diction, and redundancies.

Finally, it teaches users how to proofread their written work by allowing them to discover and finally eliminate common errors and bad writing habits. Its premium plans begin at $50 (4242 TK) per year.

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Online Correction

The user interface of OnlineCorrection is simple and clean. Users simply need to write or paste the text, and then hit the Submit button to check errors. It generates a result page highlighting all identified mistakes and revision recommendations, which you can either reject or accept.

While the only language it works with is English, users can select from a variety of similar dialects, including British English, South African English, Australian English, New Zealand English, and American English. This online tool is completely free.

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Grammar Slammer

Grammar Slammer is like a combination of a grammar book and an automatic proofreading tool. It is intended to serve as a proofreading tool as well as a teaching tool, providing not just grammatical, spelling, and stylistic suggestions but also a wide variety of linguistic information.

Its proofreading capabilities will allow users to correct grammatical mistakes, punctuation, diction, writing style, capitalization, abbreviations, and other typical writing mistakes. Its registered version comes at a price of $25 (2121 TK).

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For a writer, his/her write-up matters the most. Because once content is published and read by many people, it carries the reputation of the writer or company. Grammar and punctuation problems in writing makes a writing work poor and hard to promote. So, none should take these issues softly. So far we have discussed the 10 best Grammar and Punctual corrector tools available in 2021. You can apply these tools to avoid grammatical errors in writing.