FESPA uses machine translation software to offer information in 37 languages – Sign Media – signmedia.ca

Specialty printers worldwide can now access information on the main FESPA website in all the languages spoken by the 37 national FESPA associations.

The initiative has used machine translation software to make the last six months of online content more accessible to FESPA’s global community, at a time when free access to industry news, educational features, and guidance on best practice and commercial recovery is critical for so many print businesses.

“FESPA serves a global community, and while we have always aimed to offer our core content in English, German, and Spanish, it would previously have been cost-prohibitive to translate all content into all the full range of languages spoken by our members,” said FESPA CEO Neil Felton. “This machine learning approach to localisation, while not perfect, should help many more printers to make extensive use of our expert content, whatever their spoken language.”

Local editing teams at each of FESPA’s national associations will work to refine technical translations to improve accuracy and readability over time, and all new content will immediately be available in all languages.

“Fespa.com already attracts 73,000-page views every month, and we curate the site to provide a valuable source of information, education, and inspiration for specialty printers, with a broad range of content from our own experts and external contributors,” Felton added. “With this investment, we aim to extend FESPA’s educational value to more printers all over the world, and become a favourite online meeting point for our global print ‘family,’ just as our live events bring us together in the real world.”