Editor World: English Editing & Proofreading Services Walks Away Victorious in the 2021 TITAN Business Awards – Digital Journal

Editor World, the premier provider of online proofreading and editing services, was a Gold Winner in the 2021 TITAN Awards.

Jun. 7, 2021 / PRZen / NEW YORK — TITAN Business Awards (TITAN) announced the list of 2021 Season 1 winners, of the inaugural season of its distinguished awards program, to the public. This announcement is featured concurrently with the on-going Covid-19 pandemic that ultimately provided us with a new normal and beginning, and we hope that everyone is staying safe during this time of crisis.

This year, Editor World: English Editing & Proofreading Services decidedly takes the TITAN Gold award in the competition. “Editor World: English Editing & Proofreading Services is extremely honored to earn our first TITAN Gold award as a company offering consumer services,” stated Patti Fisher, founder and owner of Editor World. “We are constantly working to provide an optimal experience for our clients by offering fast, affordable proofreading and editing services without sacrificing quality. We also strive to provide top-notch customer service for our clients.”

This award caters to SMEs, large, public, and private organizations, as well as other business professionals worldwide. “We celebrate the remarkable Titan-like achievements of a wide range of organizations, from all industries, as well as their efforts to better both the workspace and company culture,” said Kenjo Ong, CEO of IAA. “Persevering through adversities and hardships, we aim to inspire and embolden all businesses, being the advocate of integrity for all corporate professionals worldwide.”

From 28 countries worldwide, including: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, and Ireland, to name a few, as many as 650 entries were nominated, and only the best emerged victorious. Each project was blind judged, by the TITAN jury panel, comprised of distinguished professionals of the international business scene, evaluated on criteria determined by the merits of TITAN Business Awards. The winners were chosen based on the average scores, provided by the jury members.

Please visit the TITAN Business Awards’ official website for the complete list of award winners.

About Editor World: English Editing & Proofreading Services

Editor World is the premier provider of English editing and proofreading services, offering more than 40 expert editors from which clients can choose their personal editor. Editor World’s professional proofreading and editing services are used by academic faculty and students, ESL writers, self-publishing authors, business professionals, and others around the world. Editor World’s prices for proofreading and editing services are transparent, with an instant price calculator, and clients can choose a turnaround time that meets their deadline. If you have an important document, submit today for fast, affordable proofreading and editing services!

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