By Pivoting to a Freelance Model, Proofreading Company PaperTrue Creates More Jobs During COVID-19 Pandemic – Digital Journal

In order to open up job opportunities to a global community of editors, PaperTrue, an English editing and proofreading firm with offices in Singapore, the USA, and India, has decided that it is time for the next step: to pivot to the freelance model.

PaperTrue and Rishi Raj, Founder and CEO, are pleased to announce that the company has made the decision to change its operating model to a freelancer approach and now they have opened up applications for freelance editors. Click here to know more about the position and how you can apply. 

Over the last year, many industries have seen paradigm shifts in how they operate, leading them to make decisions that respond proactively to a new era of working conditions. With work from home becoming the norm, coupled with the arrival of a new generation of the workforce that values autonomy and opportunities to expand their horizons, PaperTrue, recognized for its proofreading and copyediting services, will recruit freelancers to stay abreast of current and evolving work patterns.

In making this large-scale decision, the company management assessed where each stakeholder stands. The change in the business model promises many benefits for the company, its employees, and clients.

Editors can now work on flexible schedules from home, giving them the ability to save on travel expenses and take control of their own time. This model allows them to choose the documents they want to work on, allowing the editor to develop their portfolio in their chosen niche. 

For the proofreading services company, this means it can hire talented editors regardless of their location. Working with a roster of editors from different time zones with expertise in various fields means they can cater to their global client base 24/7 and effectively pair them with editors best suited to their field and requirements. Having a vast network of specialized editors allows PaperTrue to deal with issues of scalability as well. Customers are promised better turnaround times and the ability to work with an editor who is more likely to be an expert in their field and understand the technical and cultural nuances of the subject.

One of the most interesting things about this model is that the freelancers themselves aren’t left in a lurch. Besides the promise of stable work, they also receive continuous guidance from the in-house senior editors. The latter vet each document as part of a two-round editing system to ensure that every document delivered to the customer is of the highest quality. 

With every plan having its risks, PaperTrue has anticipated the issues it is likely to encounter and is taking steps to see this ambition turn to reality. The management is busy working on operating systems that allow for efficiency, minimal human interference, and productive communication with freelance editors.

The other challenge is planning a smooth transition for employees who currently hold stable positions as in-house editors at PaperTrue. The organization collaborates with its existing in-house editors to test, evaluate, and improve the freelancing model. Through this continuous testing and refinement, the company will transition smoothly to the new model. The goal of the new model is to create a robust proofreading and editing freelance system that enables all the existing in-house editors to leverage the exciting opportunity as freelancers in book editing, dissertation proofreading and journal editing, among others.

PaperTrue has now opened up applications for freelance editors. Click here to know more about the position and how you can apply. 

About the Company: 

PaperTrue offers editing and proofreading services to organizations, authors, and academics worldwide. The company prepares consistent, well-formatted, and accurately written documents that reflect the ethos of its clients. Over the years, they’ve worked on a variety of documents including dissertations, novel manuscripts, non-fiction books, screenplays, business documents, and legal documents. 

New offices are planned for China and various parts of Europe. 

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