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Today, owing to the internet and video game localization the world of video games has no limits. Furthermore, for the last 25 years, the gaming industries are boosting day by day. Additionally, most of the companies have flourished by making their video games available to a global audience. Above all, the revenues of these gaming companies are almost about 136.5 billion dollars per annum. This shows how important this field of video game localization is in today’s world.

Still, video game localization is not an easy task. In fact, it is quite tricky, as the majority of its users are very choosy. In short, gamers have certain cultural mindsets and tastes. To attract such an audience, you have to keep their interests in mind. Meaning thereby in the gaming industry one can face a heavy amount of loss if he ignores the translation errors and bugs in the game.

The truth is that gamers spend countless hours developing their characters and playing from level to level, discovering shortcuts and tricks and sharing their ideas with each other. Therefore, keeping that in mind, you should localize your game and meet the expectations of your audience, along with taking care of the software as well. Here, you would need a professional software localization service too. However, you should know that each bug and problem will spread like fire among the users one must be very careful with his work.

Hence, we give you some of the best tips and tricks for video game localization that can help you achieve your goals. These tips and tricks are as follows;

Top 5 Practices for Video Game Localization

Tip 1: Maintain Cultural Relevancy

High-quality games unite universal audiences together. Meaning thereby, gamers from all around the globe come to a common platform. They would be able to enjoy the game only if it’s in their native language. Therefore, adding a local touch is important.Moreover, the true reason for the popularity of such games is that the gamers are comfortable with them. The main key is to localize your game and make it relevant to the culture of the gamers. For example, an Asian methodological game will be a great disaster in Europe without localization. It is because people are totally unaware of the culture and legends of the land.

Tip 2: Flexibility in Designing a Game

Whenever you localize a video game, the original form of the game changes including the interface and storyline of the game. Furthermore, remember the language you are translating your game into should have suitable space for dialogues. So that you can add special characters, symbols and alter the time in your game. Above all, go for flexible designs and exclude hard-code designs to make your video game localization economical and easy.

Tip 3: Context is Important

Video game translation is different from other translations. It is not easy to translate games from one language to another. Furthermore, game translators require context to understand the characters and the area they belong to. In short, context is the chief element in a game. Additionally, context helps in conversations of characters in the game. This is the main reason why there are so many errors in the first test of localized video games. Therefore, you should be very conscious regarding the context of the game. Just by doing that you will save a lot of money and precious time for your team and yourself. It’s because redesigning a video game is costly and difficult.

Tip 4: Expert Translators

Another important tip is to hire or take help from experts or professional translation services. It is true that gamers visualize the niche terms in the world of games. And the terminology and characters are not like some regular movies or films, web content, or books. In short, a gamer is always looking for something new or out of the world. Meaning thereby, you need translators which are well aware of the video game industry. Furthermore, professional translators have the ability to research a video game in a short time and without translating it. Above all, gamers are the top video game translators.

Tip 5: Dubbed and Subbed titles

The argument of dubs vs subs is still under discussion in the video game localization company. The fact is that most game developers prefer to use subtitles owing to their good experience. But it is on the target audience to decide what they like more. For instance, gamers of China fancy using subtitles for video games in Japanese or English. Whereas, Spanish people prefer Spanish dubbed video games. Therefore, you should keep in mind the preference of gamers regarding subtitles and dubbing. Additionally, don’t forget that sound effects are a vital component of the video game agency.


When it comes to video game localization, no one size fits all. This means that your games need to be not only translated from one language to another, they also need to be localized and adapted according to the target audience. In addition, it is also true that video games are a cultural phenomenon and people expect a lot more when they download a new video game. This is the reason why you need to treat every localized game like its original version.

A localized video game will be the first step in gaining a strong footing in the international market. The audience will be familiar with the language and would naturally download it. This is why you need to focus on localizing the game for the target market appropriately.

In addition to all this, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of your target audience. This is because to conquer the game market, a localized game would be the right decision for loyal customers.