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In this developing multi-culturist era, there is no reason for businesses to fall behind due to language barriers.”

— Hatem Bamieh

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITES STATES, May 26, 2021 / — ITU Translation Services is a certified translation company located in Miami, Florida with an exceptional track record. The business operations are managed by experienced professional translators and a language consultant group. They are a corporate member of the American Translators Association or ATA, which ensures that they follow the best practice guidelines.

According to Hatem Bamieh, the General Manager of ITU, ‘In this developing multi-culturist era, there is no reason for businesses to fall behind due to language barriers. We can help to bridge the cultural gaps with the expertise of our qualified multilingual team. Our vision is to help our clients build dynamic business relationships’.

ITU Translation Services Miami offers an array of language services to different business sectors –

• Certified legal translation – Their professionals offer legal interpretations for law firms, schools, courts, and businesses. The ITU Translation Services is a certified company. Additionally, they offer notarized translation certificates to their customers for free.

• Certified medical, technical, financial, & human resource translation – Specialty translation service is offered to the different business sectors. Their expertise in interpreting technical documents is matchless. They can be approached 24/7 for a free quote or consultation. Their devoted and passionate staff is available to round the clock for customers to discuss translation projects. Their B2B services include video services for e-learning and business marketing.

School content translation – ITU offers translation services for universities, foreign credentials, policies & handbooks, training materials, diplomas, transcripts, etc., to make reading simply for localized readers. They have a linguistic team that capably communicates in myriads of languages. Academic evaluation is also offered to the accredited institutions, and also to students planning to acquire enrollment at a foreign college.

• Notarization, apostille, and affidavits translation – For starting an overseas business, there is a need for genuine local translation. They authenticate documents with Apostille and also help their clients with FBI background checks. For immigration cases, they even offer referral services. The affidavits, notarization, and apostille services are offered in Florida, which is convenient to their clients worldwide.

• Subtitling, voice-over, animated videos, dubbing, and video services – People and companies associated with audiovisual communication may require video language services. Their staff does translation, voice-over, or subtitling of videos in multiple languages for companies, schools, and the government. The work quality is top and beneficial to corporate training, moviemakers, e-learning, etc.

• Localization of marketing material, websites, and apps – ITU offers translation services to business websites that need to communicate about their products and services to their target market in different languages. The localization process offers content for local readers and is also a great sales strategy.

• Desktop presentations [DTP] in different languages – People and companies need editing of videos and documents. Desktop presentations and edits are developed behind the scene by their professionals. They handle DTP services with the licensed software.

• RSI [Remote Simultaneous Interpretation], business conference interpreters, court interpreters, and over-the-phone interpreters – Companies may need to interact in a different language during a conference or meeting, and the ITU interpreters can help. All their interpreters are talented native speakers and have good experience in the field.

ITU certified translation services offer translation in more than 150 languages. Their translations are top quality and work within client budgets. Their professional translators follow to the best practices for ensuring quality and accuracy.

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