4 productivity tools your firm cannot go without – Accounting Today

After a busy season like we just had, I’m sure you’ll be in the market for anything that can make your life easier and more efficient. There are myriad tools out there tugging for your attention. Many are pretty good, but I’m not going to talk to you today about software for tax prep, bookkeeping or reconciliation, etc. I want to discuss four powerful, surprisingly affordable tools you can use to create better relationships with your clients. Good news, there is almost no learning curve required to start putting these tools to work for you today.

Reminder: Each of the four tools has a free version, but I strongly recommend paying a few bucks per month for the premium version. (Disclosure: The author has no commercial or promotional interests in any of the companies, products or services mentioned herein.) The premium features such as unlimited meeting time, personal branding, on-screen drawing features and more will make you look much more professional. Your client relationships are the most important things you have in your practice. Shouldn’t you be investing in them?