Sort out spelling errors with Grammarly – The Star, Kenya

If you have watched any video on YouTube, you have not failed to come across an annoying advert telling you about Grammarly that helps you to properly edit your writing.

The Grammarly application has a fast and accurate grammar and spell check, excellent interface across platforms, premium writing style tools and it is a good mobile keyboard.

It is for writers, it suggests spelling, grammar and style changes in real-time, and it can even edit for specific genres.

It checks your writing against its database of content and style errors as well as anonymously collected data from its daily active users.

Grammarly underlines critical mistakes in red and advanced errors in other colours, though the latter capability is, limited to premium users.

It requires your permission to access what you are writing and visually indicates when it is working. It has no issues signing in and users can choose between composing text directly in an editor or importing an existing document.

Grammarly has a writing score feature that is helpful for getting a quick check of your writing progress and how much revising you have left.

There is also the Goals feature that launches whenever you import a new document. It helps this application adjust its edits based on the context of your writing.

It has the performance feature that shows you general data such as word count and reading time in addition, to vocabulary and readability metrics. Premium users can also get a feature, consistency check.

With the consistency checker, you will be able to scan your document for and offer to fix inconsistent styling of dates, abbreviation, time and capitalisations.

Its real value is its ability to highlight your most common mistakes and help you avoid them going forward.

It might also be useful during the revision portion of your writing process as a final check for errors and inconsistencies.

Its advanced editing checks, which will help you clean up all the middling grammar tidbits, suggests alternatives to commonly used words as well as provide contextual edits for the sake of clarity are highly useful.

As a mobile keyboard, it helps you correct grammar and spelling errors as you go. When you type, it pops up suggestions and corrections automatically.

You can swipe through and accept these changes with ease or hit a green Grammarly icon in the upper left corner to check it again.

In addition to its appearance and behaviour settings, it lets you change basic editing options.

You have the option of toggling autocorrect and auto capitalization, select a language preference and even allow it to suggest contact names as you type.

Its greatest strength comes from spelling, grammar and style suggestions thoroughness check from the app though the premium version is expensive.

Even if it is expensive, writers from all kinds can benefit from adding this app into their workflow.