Patent Bots Ranks Top 50 US Law Firms for Patent Quality –

SOMERVILLE, Mass., April 29, 2021 / — Patent Bots today released its 2nd Annual Law Firm Patent Quality Rankings, showing the top 50 US patent law firms with at least 50 issued patents for patent quality.

Patent Bot’s advanced, AI-powered, automated patent proofreading tool calculated the number of errors in 306,738 publicly available patents from 787 US law firms using data from the USPTO.

“Automated patent proofreading greatly decreases the number of errors in issued patents, which makes the patents stronger and less likely to be invalidated in future litigation,” says Jeff O’Neill, Patent Bots Founder, and CEO. “Patent law firms recognize that using our proofreading tool allows them to move up in the quality rankings, improve profitability and provide greater value to their clients.”

The  Law Firm Patent Quality Rankings provide public recognition for patent firms doing exceptionally high-quality work to avoid critical legal errors in issued patents. The Quality Scores show the names of only the top fifty firms (e.g., those with the lowest number of errors per issued patent).

Patent Bots computes quality scores using key types of errors such as numbering errors, antecedent basis errors, and word support errors (words that don’t appear in the detailed description).  For example, Patent Bots found that 78% of issued patents contain antecedent basis errors.

Patent Bots will regularly update these rankings and highlight firms improving their Quality Scores. Patent law firms outside of the top 50 can log in to the Patent Bots website to see their quality scores and where they stand with respect to other patent law firms.

Patent Bots will release further law firm patent quality rankings organized by USPTO Tech Centers and US companies.

About Patent Bots:

Patent Bots’ automated patent proofreading tool enables patent attorneys to use cutting-edge machine learning to provide their clients with better patents. In addition to proofreading, Patent Bots has a suite of products that includes patent examiner statistics, an art unit predictor, patent family trees, patent timelines, and more.