The first ever Latvian-Estonian machine translation toolkit unveiled –

Latvian language technology company Tilde and Estonian translation agency Avatar presented an online presentation EstLat translator – the first cloud-based machine translation toolkit for Latvian-Estonian translations to provide public and private entities with modern and reliable automatic translation tool, says the project’s representative Zanda Zariņa.

EstLat publicly accessible translation platform provides its users the freedom to receive automated translations, access the first digital Estonian-Latvian and Latvian-Estonian dictionary, perform terminology searches within the European Terminology Repository and order professional translation services with a single mouse click. Registered users are able to access the computerized translation assistant to help with translation editing using a personalized translation memory bank.

Businesses and public institutions can integrate this translation platform into their own systems, add more languages and put together websites supporting multiple languages. Tilde, for example, already has translation systems in more than 50 languages. The company’s translation systems can be easily adapted to suit clients’ specific needs.

Neural machine translation is based on use of many, many texts translated by humans. The language specialists at Tilde used nearly 24 million sentences to «train» Latvian-Estonian translation AI. This amount is equal to 6.238 Harry Potter books.

EstLat will be a much welcome cross-border communication solution for businesses and public entities situated in Estonia and Latvia. For example, it will be useful for cross-border trade and communication, help follow changes in laws, as well as help translate product and service descriptions. The new Latvian-Estonian machine translation systems are also available at Tildes biroja and public platform.

The project is funded under the goal of the European Territorial Cooperation, better known as Interreg and its aim is strengthening cooperation among regions across the borders of Estonia and Latvia.

Tilde is one of Europe’s leading language technology companies and a member of the Big Data Value Association. By developing artificial intelligence technologies, Tilde provides support for language longevity in the digital age.

Solutions developed by this company include machine translation systems, virtual assistants, chat bots, speech recognition and synthesis systems and spelling tools.