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Solar and wind green clean environmental produced monatomic H + is carbon neutral

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Snow Hill, Maryland Apr 8, 2021 ( – TITR (Thomas Institute for Technology Research) has technology that will enable the manufacture of monatomic hydrogen (H+ – hydrogen ions). TITR’s invention is a unique hydrogen gas production technology that will allow monatomic hydrogen gas production from seawater, brine, or fresh water in high volumes to be stored in low costs pressurized tanks. It is the intention of TITR of the prototype and technology for use as an energy source in fuel cells, combustion engines, rocket fuel, power charging stations, accelerated plant growth, and improved personal health by reducing mitochondria oxidation in the body.

The proposed technology is focused on future real low-cost on-site production of monatomic hydrogen gas that can compete with other worldwide energy sources now in development in the marketplace, which will lead to tangible, disruptive, and cleaner renewable energy products free from carbon emissions.

The proforma link shows profit and loss, marketing budgets, sales support structures needed to support product introduction demand, and future sales projections.

The company expects its unique development of a transformational approach to low-cost high volume monatomic hydrogen manufacturing extraction technology along with its capability of storage, handling, and transportation bringing about a new direction in compressed monatomic hydrogen gas for future carbon-free energy applications.

As verified, safely transporting hydrogen using the present source is dangerous and risk public safety if an accident should occur.

Monatomic hydrogen is much less explosive and safer to transport. Monatomic hydrogen is not spontaneous combustible until used at the energy source ensuring the safety of the public and operators of our monatomic hydrogen.

The world’s future in clean energy could see hydrogen energy by the energy of the future as several countries are looking to produce hydrogen to offset carbon emissions worldwide.

As this and other clean green technologies are developed and come to market monatomic hydrogen which has been impossible to manufacture now has had a major break thru!

Source :Thomas Institute for Technology Research

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