Grammarly brings its ‘Tone Detector’ feature to iOS and Android devices – HT Tech

Over the course of a normal day, we send and receive emails or text messages to coworkers, and respond to invitations and memos. Responding to these communications may be easy, but sometimes verbal communication that is not made in person can lead to misunderstandings when the tone is perceived incorrectly.

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Grammarly has been around for over 11 years now, and the writing improvement service has picked up some useful features along the way, such as natural language processing, consistency checking, plagiarism detection, and machine learning. The company has now announced in a blog post that it is bringing its ‘tone detector’ feature to iOS and Android – a feature that was first launched in 2019.

The tone detection feature has arrived on mobile devices on the latest version of Grammarly Keyboard which allows users to check their writing and provide feedback on writing clarity, word choice, grammatical accuracy and more. The tone detection feature will work in any app that Grammarly supports and will allow users to check if their message or email sounds confident, admiring, critical, formal, and so on.

However, the feature will require you to input at least 150 words in order to be able to detect your tone – the app relies on performing an analysis of your word choice, punctuation, capitalisation and other writing signals to understand your writing style and detect the tone of your message.

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Users can access the tone detection feature on the Grammarly keyboard on iOS and Android right away, once they’ve updated to the latest version. In order to begin using the feature, the company says you have to go to your Grammarly keyboard settings and turn it on, type your message and then hit the G logo on your keyboard to perform the tone detection and letting you make changes accordingly.