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To dream about proofreading suggests that you need to correct or change something before you send it out. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you are being too hasty with a letter, email or text and need to think about the repercussions before you send it to the recipient. Did you write it in anger or when you were feeling upset? If so, it may be wise to take another look once these feelings have subsided or you may live to regret the words you wanted to send in the heat of the moment. 

If you are about to send an important document off to someone such as a dissertation to your tutor or the paperwork to finalise a house move, you may be looking over papers in your waking hours to make sure it is all up to date and accurate. Your dream could simply be a reflection of how important it is to you to get it right. 

If you were proofreading a document that was full of mistakes, the dream might be telling you that you aren’t ready for something quite yet. Do you need to give something more time and attention before you can go it alone? If so, be patient with yourself, you may not be at that stage yet, but you will be. 

If others were aware of the errors and the document had been sent out in the world, perhaps you are struggling with a recent mistake. Maybe you rushed into something and now it’s difficult to claw back those words or actions. 

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Perhaps the dream is telling you to use this experience as a lesson for your future self. It’s possible you needed to make this error in judgement so you know not to do it again.  

To proofread a document over and over that has no mistakes implies that you are being too nitpicky about something in your waking hours. Perhaps you need to let this go and trust that it is ok as it is or have faith in someone that they can complete a task without your constant scrutiny. 

If proofreading is part of your job and you missed something in your dream, it’s possible you are worried about your standard of work slipping. What can you do to perform better at work? 

On the other hand, if you read something that required no changes, maybe you are satisfied with your level of commitment to your career and it is paying off because fewer people are questioning you and simply letting you get on with what you are being paid to do. 

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If what you were reading was very similar to your own life, you may be looking for insights into your behaviours and your reactions to situations if you are unsure of where they arise from. Consider the type of book, paper or piece you were reading and who wrote it- it’s possible the dream is telling you to seek out some expert advice if the writer was a person of authority. Perhaps you are uninformed or naive about a subject in your life right now and the dream is urging you to read up on it before you make any decisions based on what little you know at present. Reading can also represent an open mindedness. Perhaps you are someone who is genuinely curious about the world and likes to gain as much information as you possibly can… to read more click HERE

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