What are the key video subtitle translation services nuances? – Australian Times

Today, video clips are an integral method of communication between small businesses, start-ups, major organizations, and their target audiences. For this reason, businesses reach out to an expert and proficient video translators to broadcast their content globally. Crafting fine quality video translations that speak to your ideal audience requires a unique skill set. This way, your translations will connect with the audience. 

Skilled video translators boast an intimate understanding of nuance, tone, and intent to ensure your message doesn’t get lost in the translation. Before you hire or kick start your journeys as a subtitle translator, it’s vital you do a little reading about the key video subtitle translation services. Here we discuss the importance of video translation and the variety of services:  

Why Should You Translate Your Video Content? 

Extensive research shows that 54% of consumers would like to see an increased amount of video content from their favorite brands. On the other hand, about 88% of marketers say that they’re satisfied with the ROI video marketing offers.

However, in order for you to foster a deep connection with a global audience, you’ll have to work on translating your videos as well. In fact, an in-depth survey boasts results that 72.4% of consumers prefer purchasing products with the delivered information in their mother tongue. 

Moreover, 56.2% of the surveyed consumers believe that gaining information in their own language meant more than the price. At the same time, 42% of customers said that they would never buy products with information in a language they fail to understand. 

Not to mention, an in-depth study by Cisco shows that video clips generate a staggering 64% of the global traffic. All in all, it means video content is a fantastic marketing strategy, as well as a remarkable medium to educate others. 

The Process of Video Translation 

Video translation requires a certain skill set to translate a transcript of an existing video. In fact, here, a multi-step process occurs through which adept translators ensure stellar grammar and clarity to meet the needs of the ideal audience. Here we discuss key video subtitle translation services: 

Step # 1: Script Transcription 

First, the translator transcribes the given video into a written document. 

Step # 2: Translating and Proofreading 

After drafting a written document of the narrative, it’s time to start translating. Here your adept translator will start translating the provided material into your required language. 

Moreover, a proficient delivers high-quality, proofread, and appropriately edited matter regardless of the subject at hand. 

Step # 3: Approval

Next, the translator will send the draft to the client for review. If your client is satisfied, they’ll give you the heads up to move onto the next step. Ideally, you should contact someone who’s well-versed in the subject matter. 

Step # 4: Script Recording 

Once the translated script gets approval, it goes to a skilled native-speaking voice actor. With the help of a director, the speaker conveys the nuance, tone, and intent to match the target audience’s needs.    

Step # 5: Syncing the Video

After you’ve wrapped up the recording, you’ll have to start syncing relevant images within a video. In order to engage your viewership, you need to ensure your audio and visuals match with each other. 

 Plenty of languages will change the overall length of your video, thus demanding extra effort to deliver the audio alongside visuals. 

Step # 6: Additional Features

Apart from syncing, you’ll have to work on other features like on-screen graphics, text, and so on. Here again, your client will review the video to ensure accurate, top-notch quality, and clear work.    

Step # 7: Delivering the Final Video

Last but not least, it’s time for you to deliver the final and complete video to your client. Next, they’ll post it on their website to allow users all over the world to view it.  https://circletranslations.com/content/subtitle-translation-agencies