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by Vivek Kumar February 18, 2021

Top 10 Text Analytics Companies to Watch Out in 2021Explore the list of most notable text analytics service providers in 2021

Today, we all are bombarded with various sorts of data that are often raw and unstructured. Such data has a meaning and purpose of its own and processing them may drive huge benefits. In all that, text data is imperative, and it is an authentic form of information exchange. From conveying messages to writing an email and blog, customer notes and surveys, we use text in many forms. All these appear in the unstructured data form. To derive meaning from such raw information requires advanced technology. This is where text analytics comes to the rescue.

Text analytics refers to translating unstructured text data into meaningful data. It unearths insights, trends and patterns by processing high-quality information from text. Analytics Insight listed here the top 10 text analytics companies to watch out for in 2021.


SetuServ, a text analytics company, uncovers specific and granular insights from online reviews, social media commentary, survey feedback and chat logs. Established in 2012, the company is focused on building Voice of Customer solutions using natural language processing and curation. Its platform captures distinct product traits or topics contributing to both positive and negative sentiment as well as the weight of each specific trait as a component of sentiment, star rating, or NPS/CSAT score.


AYLIEN is a Dublin, Ireland-based company that leverages artificial intelligence to empower foresighted enterprises and developers to glean, assess and comprehend voluminous amounts of human-generated content. The company’s text analytics solution and News APIs allow users to make sense of that content at scale. Founded in 2010, AYLIEN also provides an array of content analysis solutions to developers, data scientists, marketers and academics.


EpiAnalytics is a provider of AI and machine learning solutions to corporate textual data. Its real-time text analytic solutions automate business processes such as advanced case routing, email and survey classification. EpiAnalytics also provides business intelligence solutions for decision support. Its solutions are designed to bolsters sales, improve data quality, ensure compliance and intensify operational efficiencies.


Dhaka, Bangladesh-based Socian Ltd. empowers companies using Speech AI & Text AI. The company’s data collection processes supported by AI help it to gather data and analyze them to create actionable intelligence that can assist its clients to monitor and take action against any issues. Founded in 2016, Socian’s functions include Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Sentiment Analysis and other Speech Analysis & Text Analysis.


Proxem is a France-based AI-powered text analytics software provider. The company pioneers in the semantic and sentiment analysis of textual data for businesses. Its SaaS software solutions allow businesses to evaluate large volumes of textual data in real-time to extract germane information from both the web and social media. Founded in 2007, Proxem aggregates users’ information onto a multi-source, multi-lingual and multi-topic software solution.


Kieli, a data analytics startup, plays a crucial role in the language technology market. The company supplies support for software localization, speech analysis, text analysis and translation, and helps businesses build a data refinery platform to improve AI and ML systems. It solves human language challenges in big data and social media using NLP techniques, multilingual text analytics and fast, cost-effective natural language interfaces. Kieli’s services include speech analysis, content development and text analysis.


ayfie is a search and text analytics solutions provider for legal, compliance, finance, healthcare and media. The company’s products coalesce artificial intelligence with deep expertise in linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science to excerpt meaning from text. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway with offices in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden, ayfie’s innovative text analytics engine delivers efficiency and better insights to businesses in all industries.


Semeon is a text analytics platform specialized in Voice of Customers (VOC) data. The company uses a unique combination of machine learning and NLP to divulge meaningful trends in businesses’ customer feedback in all channels. Semeon enables context based-classification categorizing users’ verbatims based on concepts and sentiment found in their data. Its platform is industry and content-agnostic, and it works with everything.


Fluxedo is a crowd monitoring platform that deals with real-time analysis of data coming from heterogeneous sources. The company offers its expertise in processing and analyzing retail data, designing and installing IoT sensors. Thanks to the design and development of big data solutions, customers today can aggregate and derive value from data by displaying results on simple and intuitive customized dashboards.


Enlightenment.AI is a data strategy company focused on assisting organizations to comprehend the value of their data. It applies data science and AI to help customers make effective data strategies and lasting sustainable improvements in their performance. Enlightenment.AI also aids companies in auditing their own existing AI.

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