Text United – Slator

Whether you are a Marketing Manager needing localized marketing campaigns, a Localization Manager looking for automation and better leverage of AI, or a Product Owner expecting to localize digital products at no time, that’s what we do.

Step up your marketing, development operations, and support to a global scale with a modern translation platform today.

Ranked as Easiest to use in the industry, Text United’s cloud-based, end-to-end translation platform is centralizing localization processes, language assets, and the human supply chain in one place.

We are aiming at reducing the cost of human-quality translation and cutting down turnaround times by seamless integration of machine translation and AI-powered quality assurance technologies with professional translators.

The platform provides:

  • An enterprise-grade translation management system. Both web-based and desktop UI versions.
  • A fully featured CAT tool that includes in-context editors.
  • A plethora of connectors and extensive REST API create a simplified translation process.
  • An out-of-the-box toolset handles various types of content from software localization and file translation to corporate and e-commerce sites and media.
  • AI dashboard helping users to leverage their data and MT engines.
  • Strict security measures and settings ensure the confidentiality of your data.
  • Access architecture, which allows users to plug-in their internal translation teams and partners.
  • Access to freelance translators in a curated marketplace and the use of the on-demand project management services.
Text United