Memsource – Slator

Memsource helps global companies translate efficiently. Ranked as the most viable Translation Management System by CSA Research in 2019, Memsource supports 500+ languages, 50+ file types, and 30+ machine translation engines. Memsource enables its customers to increase translation quality while reducing costs using its patented, state-of-the-art AI technology.

Who is Memsource for?

  • global enterprises and international corporations
  • language service providers
  • translators, proofreaders, and post-editors
  • technical writers and support documentation departments
  • marketers that sell in multiple countries
  • software localization engineers

        …and anyone else interested in streamlining their localization processes 

What does Memsource include?

  • translation memory
  • terminology management
  • CAT Editor for Web, Desktop, and Mobile
  • support of over 50 file types
  • machine translation automation, integration and enablement
  • AI-powered machine translation quality estimation
  • CMS connectors to enable continuous localization

… and a lot more

If you’re interested in how Memsource can help your business, contact us!

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Czech Republic
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United States
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Boston, Massachusetts

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