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Has employed the Transifex localization platform to translate Tendenci open source software

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tendenci (www.tendenci.com), the software development company spearheading the Tendenci® open source software project, today announced a software localization program to improve usability for associations and nonprofits beyond English speaking countries. In response to growing international demand, Tendenci is in the process of adapting Tendenci® open source software to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of users around the world.

Tendenci has employed the Transifex localization platform and is in the process of translating Tendenci open source software into Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, English (U.K.) and Italian. The open source development community is invited to help translate the Tendenci open source software platform at https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/tendenci/. Once completed, a website administrator will be able to select a language to automatically translate all user-facing and backend functions of the website to that language.

“We love that Tendenci software is being embraced by organizations around the world and we are taking steps to accelerate international adoption,” said Tendenci President and CEO Ed Schipul. “Tendenci open source software is a valuable tool that can help organizations everywhere connect with their communities and achieve amazing things. Recognizing that more than half of the world’s online population doesn’t speak English, we strive to ensure language is not an obstacle.”

Tendenci open source software already offers integration of the Stripe Online Payment System, which makes it possible for Tendenci websites to accept payments in a broad range of international currencies. Additionally, a Europe-based Web server currently supports European associations and NPOs using Tendenci-powered websites.

Tendenci open source software for associations and NPOs includes an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) as well as powerful features aligned with the unique needs of NPOs, such as membership/donor management, event registration, donations, payments and e-mail integration, among others.

A few notable examples of the international organizations that currently use Tendenci to power their websites include:

Tendenci has more than 1 million users and currently powers hundreds of websites for organizations around the world, including Metropolitan New York Library Council (www.metro.org), Houston Technology Center (www.houstontech.org) and DePelchin™ Children’s Center (www.depelchin.org).

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About Tendenci

Tendenci (www.tendenci.com) develops the Tendenci Open Source software platform tailor-made for the unique needs of cause-related organizations including associations and other nonprofits. Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall. With offices in Houston and San Francisco, Tendenci powers the websites of DePelchin Children’s Center, Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles and Advance.org, among hundreds of others. Tendenci also offers site customization services and integrates other open source applications into the websites of its international client base. Tendenci’s open source platform provides the framework for websites that encompass a variety of NPO and industry segments around the world. Additional information about Tendenci is available at www.tendenci.com.